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New Sermon Series

Starting January 2016


In our Sunday morning services we’ll be going further and deeper into those doctrines that Satan has covered over within today’s church. These are doctrines that the church has stood and preached upon during times of revival, but now they are mostly taboo or hardly mentioned.


The inspiration for this series and my newest book, “Wells of Living Water,” comes from the biblical story of Isaac and Abimelech.


Seeing how prosperous and mighty Isaac had become, Abimelech told Isaac to pack up and leave, and to make sure Isaac got the point the Philistines stopped up the wells Isaac had been using.


Water is vital to life, especially in those days, and especially to those with flocks and herds. So when Isaac left to find a new place to dwell, instead of digging new wells, he reopened the wells dug by his father wherever he went, which the Philistines had covered and stopped up long ago, Genesis 26:18-19.


Isaac didn’t dig new wells; instead he reopened these wells, because he knew these wells contained water.


Today’s church is so busy trying to dig new wells, trying to make itself relevant, that they are leaving unopened wells of truth, wells of living water that our forefathers of the faith had dug long ago, which our enemy, Satan, wants to remain close.


What we as a church need to start doing is going back to those old wells, wells of living water that have brought life and revival to millions in the past, rather than trying to reinvent ourselves in our attempt to be relevant only to find many of them dry, or containing water that’s poisonous to drink. We can be relevant without sacrificing biblical truth.


The biblical verse that fits this study is Jeremiah 6:16.


“Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it’”


The doctrines we’ll be going over are holiness, faithfulness, repentance, the blood of Jesus, judgment, Hell, Satan, the person and purpose of the Holy Spirit, the authority of the Scriptures, Fasting, and Stewardship (our giving unto God).



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