Which King?
January 8, 2020

Thought For Today: Which King?

David was anointed by God to be the king of Israel, but he was in hiding waiting for God to fulfill His promise and to set him on the throne, a throne that was now being occupied by Saul, whom God had disowned and disavowed because of his disobedience and rebellion.

This story points to another who was anointed to be King, but one who, likewise, was rejected while an imposter and usurper continued upon a throne that was not his to occupy.

Today there sits upon the throne of this world a king who has been disavowed and rejected by God because of his disobedience and rebellion. Jesus referred to him as the “prince of this world” (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11), and who is none other than Satan, and the whole world is held in his grip.

However, David was not without his followers, a strange and motley bunch of people who were either in distress, in debt, discontented, or a combination thereof. And David trained them into one of the greatest army Israel had ever seen, with many of them becoming mighty men of valor.

Just as in David’s day the rightful King is gathering around Him a company of people who are in distress, in debt, and discontented. And He is training and preparing them for the day when He will come and they will rule and reign with Him.

And so, to which king are we giving allegiance too?

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