A Mother’s Day Tribute
May 3, 2016

Rediscover the Bible for Life

“A Mother’s Day Tribute”

By Dennis Lee

A father presented to his wife and mother of his children this unique and handcrafted Mother’s Day card.

“M” is for the mink coat you always wanted.

“O” is for the opal ring you crave

“T” is for the tiny car you’d love

“H” is for the hat that makes you rave

“E” is for the earrings you admire

“R” is for the rug on which you tread

“Put them all together, they’d spell bankrupt, so I’m giving a handkerchief instead.”

As we honor our mothers this Sunday, I think about the first mother of the human race, Eve. In fact, her name means “life.”

I wondered if she knew what to expect? Was she afraid of motherhood and all that goes with raising children? Did she know just how influential she would be as a mother?

The Bible makes it clear that Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters, Genesis 5:4, but it centers upon the first three sons, Cain, Abel, and Seth. The first two had a sibling rivalry going on that ended in Cain murdering Able in a fit of jealous rage. This resulted in Cain being banished forever.

So Eve was not only the first mother, but also the first one to bury a child and see the other leave home, never to write, call, or come by for a holiday meal.

Now one would think that Eve would have just given up. Why even consider having another child when her heart was so broken. But she and Adam went for it again, and out came Seth, from whom the line of the Messiah, Jesus, would come through.

And so there is always hope despite it looking the opposite.

Throughout the ages, most of our spiritual leaders have been greatly influenced by their mothers. Consider Susannah Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist denomination. In fact, their names may never have graced our history books if not for this godly woman. Her witness guided them as they were growing up.

She was a great woman of prayer and faith, and with 17 kids she had to be. Not only did she pray daily for each child, but she also would take an hour every week with each one to discuss spiritual matters. Is it any wonder that John and Charles were used by God to bring revival to England and America?

Years ago several bible scholars were arguing over which translation of the Bible was best. One preferred the Kings James version, while others preferred the New American Standard, the New International Version, or the Amplified. But one scholar got up and said, “I personally preferred my mother’s translation. She translated each page of the Bible into life. It’s the most convincing translation I ever saw.”

Moms, don’t let the modern mindset rob you of your holy calling. You have an important and influential job; so don’t waste it on stuff that doesn’t matter as far as eternity is concerned. God has uniquely made you and my prayer is that you become everything that God intended you to be.

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