Post Easter Devotional: “A Renewed Hope”
March 29, 2024

Post Easter Devotional: “A Renewed Hope”

This coming Sunday, I’d like to introduce two people who found themselves walking down a road after Jesus’s death and resurrection. They were feeling what most feel today, exhausted, empty, and trapped.

Further, they were walking on a road leading away from Jerusalem and towards the town of Emmaus. These disciples were moving away from Jerusalem, the city of God, capital of the Jewish people, and the city associated with the promise, purpose, and presence of God. And they are on their way to a small insignificant town known as Emmaus, whose name means “obscure,” and “despised.”

Get a sense of this picture. Two disciples were walking away from the purposes and promises of God towards obscurity, and in the end, despised, unless they get turned around.

But once they met the risen Jesus, their lives were radically altered. Not only did they find joy, but also a renewed hope, a hope that erases exhaustion, emptiness, and enslavement.

As disciples they followed Jesus, but they thought that things would turn out better, not only for them, but for the nation, because they expected Jesus to overthrow Roman rule of Israel, the land of promise.

But Jesus’s death upon the cross and the empty tomb meant that something different and unexpected occurred, and they didn’t have a clue to what it was. And it is with this overall attitude that we find these two disciples walking away from Jerusalem and towards Emmaus, heartbroken, downhearted, and with all their hopes and dreams shattered.

Human hope is a fragile thing, and hopelessness is a disease of the human spirit that is hard to cure. And so, here you have the Emmaus two, who had erected such a wall of hopelessness.

But Jesus came and turned them from obscurity and despair (Emmaus), back to the purposes, promises, and presence of God (Jerusalem). And He took the time to explain all that God said concerning the coming of the Messiah and their hope was restored.

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