Minas and Me
September 7, 2023

Today’s 333 Devotional: “Minas and Me”

In Jesus’s Parable of the Minas, He talks about what each of us as believers has been given to fulfill God’s kingdom purpose here upon the earth.

In the parable Jesus talks about a nobleman who was on his way to petition the ruling empire to be crowned king over the land. In his absence, he gave ten of his servants a mina each telling them to invest it until he returns. Therefore, they were to be about building and investing in his business’s interest.

What is a mina?

Now, a mina was equal to 100 days’ worth of wages. So, it was no small amount the nobleman gave.

The story Jesus told was about Himself, and how he would go to heaven and receive His kingship. He would then give His servants, that’s you and me, an equal share of something valuable while He is away. And when He returns, we will give an account of how we used His gifts to further His Kingdom.

Even though Jesus predicted a period between his ascension and return, the main point of the story concerns what His servants would do with what He gave them until He comes back.

Jesus links this parable to what the mina stands for. The nobleman gave each servant the same amount, which differs from the Parable of the Talents. Therefore, we can’t interpret this parable the same, and that is, minas are not spiritual gifts, material possessions, nor are they our God-given talents.

What does Jesus give us that is the same? The answer: The gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ, which goes along with the event that sparked this parable in the first place, which was Zacchaeus’s salvation.

Jesus entrusts every believer with the gospel message. And, as God’s servants, we are to be His representatives, giving the gospel message until He returns. Jesus calls it the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Therefore, this parable is about how fulfilling Jesus’s call determines our destiny.

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