In the Fullness of Time
December 22, 2022

Today’s 333 Devotional: “In the Fullness of Time”

“But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son.” (Galatians 4:4)

God sent His Son when the time was right. This is what Christmas is about.

God isn’t haphazard. God is the source and center of all order. Dr. Shields said, “He is the greatest of all clockmakers.” In other words, God’s clock never has to go to the repair shop nor does it ever need new batteries.

Astronomers can so accurately predict the movements of the heavens that they can tell exactly when the next eclipse of the sun or moon will take place a hundred years from now? That’s how undeviating the course of God’s creation is.

The Bible says that God doesn’t change (Malachi 2:6). Therefore, God set an appointed time for this great event from the very foundations of the universe, from the very beginning of time, even before time itself came into existence.

God’s redemptive plan for humanity wasn’t some divine afterthought. God knew all His works from all eternity. And so God predetermined Jesus’s coming and told it to the prophets.

The prophet Daniel foretold that after 483 years from the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem that the Messiah would come and die.

And so, we can count on God’s word and His promises to come on time, not our timing, but His. The Lord is always on time. You might say He’s “spot on.”

Jesus came in the fullness of time. That means what God has ordained, all the promises that He has made, not one of them will fall short of its intended time, or mark.

Such surety about God and His word should inspire us with confidence. Just as God accomplished His word in the birth of Jesus, so will God keep His word, His promise He made to all of us.

So, let’s write His promises down in our hearts knowing that God keeps His promises and His word will never fail.

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