Our Next Generation
October 13, 2022

Today’s 333 Devotional: “Our Next Generation”

God has tasked us to raise up our children in His ways, to make the church strong, and to be a shining beacon to this next generation.

“Nevertheless, for David’s sake the Lord his God gave him a lamp in Jerusalem by raising up a son to succeed him and by making Jerusalem strong.” (1 Kings 15:4)

After Rehoboam’s death, his son, Abijam, became king. But his testimony wasn’t good. He walked in the sins of Rehoboam and his heart wasn’t wholly devoted to the Lord (1 Kings 15:3).

But because of the Lord’s covenant with David for the perpetration of his line upon the throne, which the Messiah would come, and that David was a man after His own heart, God kept His promise.

God did not curse David’s heritage as he did concerning the kings of Israel. Instead, God kept the lamp of David’s inheritance lit to perpetuate God’s name, and to maintain His city, Jerusalem.

Our righteousness extends beyond our lives. It impacts the lives of our children and their children. A godly life lived and taught will have its effect on upcoming generations, and God will extend the light of our lamps as we shine Him for all to see.

And while each of our children will be judged based upon their belief in Jesus Christ, are we leaving them a heritage to follow? What heritage are we leaving for our children and their children to follow? Can we say as David that goodness and mercy will follow us (Psalm 23:6)?

While I find it comforting knowing that it’s God’s church and that the Holy Spirit will draw people to Jesus Christ, He still has left us with this responsibility to partner with the Holy Spirit to raise up the next generation of believers, and to make the church a place that attracts them through the light of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, let’s shine the light of Jesus so our children and youth might see and believe.

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