Living Life in the Stretch
September 28, 2022

Today’s 333 Devotional: “Living Life in the Stretch”

God knows who we are, and while we’re still the same in some ways, God wants to change us His way, or as the Bible says, “From glory to glory,” and into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.

God wants to stretch us. He wants to stretch our faith.

But to have our faith stretched means we need to learn in the spiritual how to be flexible and bendable in the hands of the Lord.

Take a moment and think this through.

  • If we want to grow in our patience, things happen that test our patience.
  • If we want to grow in our leadership, our leadership will be tested
  • And God wants us to grow in our love for one another, He places some really unlovable people in our lives.

There are going to be times when God stretches our trust in the small things, like our computer going down, or the battery on our cars dies, or our tire goes flat. But these are not the real challenges. These are God’s tune-ups to see how we’ll handle the real challenges.

Maybe it will be a financial setback like the loss of a job or residence. Maybe it’s a family situation like a divorce or the kids going astray. Maybe it involves our health when we hear the doctor say “cancer” or “heart attack.” Or maybe God knows that someone close is going to die or have a serious sickness.

And so, God places these times of stretching in our lives so we can handle the greater issues that are on the horizon.

The minor stuff isn’t the real challenge, it’s the major stuff, and so God stretches us with the small stuff so when the time comes, we won’t be blown away. Further, when we don’t know how to stretch and cooperate with God in these small issues that is why we fail in the major ones.

So, it’s important to let God stretch our faith.

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