Refueling Your Life
November 18, 2021

Today’s Devotional: “Refueling Your Life”

This Sunday, November 21st, we’re at the end of our welcome back series, “Reset Your Life.”

In our first message, “Resetting Your Life,” we looked at several steps the Bible talks about in how we go about the resetting process. But these steps were not just for those who needed to reset their lives to Jesus, but also to those who needed a reset back with Jesus, in other words, getting back to that first love relationship.

Last week we looked at “Reigniting Your Life,” and our need to give a booster shot to our faith, which comes through the filling, baptism, and refilling of the Holy Spirit.

But rather than looking at this as a booster shot, there’s another analogy that works better, and that is our need to turn on the ignition to our cars, which is the presence of the Holy Spirit within every believer in Jesus Christ.

As we end our series, I’d like to look at our need to keep ourselves refueled.

Using the analogy of a car, we could say that this reset may be looked at as either buying a new car, or getting our old car serviced. But the car doesn’t do us any good if it’s just sitting in our driveway. We have to drive it, which begins when we start the engine, that is, when the engine is ignited, which is our second step of getting our lives reignited through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Keeping with this theme, once we start driving the car, if we don’t stop at a gas station and refill our gas tanks, we’ll soon find ourselves off on the side of the road.

This concept is no different with us because we often are running on empty in our spiritual lives, which also negatively affects our physical lives as well. And so, if we don’t get our spiritual tanks refueled then we’re going find ourselves both spiritually and physically on the side of the road.

So, how do we refill our spiritual lives? This is what the last message in our Resetting Our Lives series is all about.

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