Distorted Images
September 18, 2021

Today’s 333 Devotional: “Distorted Images”

Distorted mirrors give distorted images.

Remember the traveling carnivals. They invariably have a “Fun House” filled with all these warped mirrors. And when we’d look into them, we’d see a distorted image of ourselves. For some, our heads were too big. Okay, for someone like me that may not be a distortion. But other mirrors would show us in all these weird ways.

Growing up there were people in our lives that acted like these mirrors, and we accepted whatever they said, that is, we accepted their image of who we are and not how God sees us.

These mirrors are what others have spoken into our lives. They may be parents, teachers, peers, or even friends. They said we’re stupid, we’ll never amount to anything, or we’re no good. They said we’re fat, ugly, or weird. They called us geeks, fatso, pencil neck, or loser. These are all distorted images.

The problem is that we still have all this data stored inside our minds and hearts, and we’re acting out what they’ve said. We’re conducting our lives on all the wrong information.

Today, I want to look at the true mirror, and that is how God views us and what He says about us, and then we’ll see God and ourselves in a whole new light, a light that will penetrate the darkness and allow ourselves to be healed.

To facilitate this, there are several truths we need to grasp because when we do, they’ll radically change our lives, especially as we begin to act upon them. They’ll help free us from some of the old wounds that have not only been holding us back but holding up the life we were meant to live.

Please know that we have been accepted by God, and while others may reject us, God never does. Further, we are valuable to God, not only because we are His children, but because of the price He had to pay for us to be His.

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