The Importance of God’s Kingdom
February 3, 2021

Today’s 333 Devotional: “The Importance of God’s Kingdom”

It’s important that we understand what The Kingdom of God is so when life gets out of control we can stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Only then when the wind and waves of life come crashing down we can be firm in our belief and survive.

We’re living in days and times when the church may very well be responsible for much of this confusion because it has mistakenly believed that the more modern we make Christianity look the more it will be accepted. But the overall decline in church attendance and new believers reveal that these modern ways are techniques have failed.

And that’s because its sounding more like modern humanism, which the world provides in spades. Sadly the church’s uniqueness is gone.

It’s therefore urgent if not downright important that we be clear about our approach to the Gospel, because if our initial approach is wrong, everything else that follows will be wrong.

If you’re setting out on a journey and want to go to a certain place, you’ll never arrive if you’re on the wrong road.

The reason many reject the gospel is because they have a totally wrong view and thus they know nothing about Christianity.

Their position is that because we live in an age of technology and scientific knowledge, therefore the Bible is old knowledge and no longer relevant.

But how can we navigate the waters of this world without a chart or map?

We’re living in a time of crisis and great confusion. We’re living in a world where sudden disaster can strike at any time, where we can come to the end of our own journey at any moment. So we ask, isn’t there a chart or compass for our lives to help us navigate these treacherous waters and that will give us the assurance we’ll arrive safely in heaven?

There is such a guide, and it’s the Bible and the proclamation of the Kingdom of God.

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