Obey God Immediately
December 9, 2020

Today’s 333 Devotional: “Obey God Immediately”

Don’t delay, wait, procrastinate, put off, or make excuses. Instead just do it. This was the Psalmist advice.

“I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.” (Psalm 119:60)

If there’s ever a time to be in a hurry, this is it. When God tells us to do something we should do it immediately, whether we feel like it or not. Further, we don’t have to understand something to benefit from it.

I don’t understand how something as heavy as a commercial airplane can get off the ground, and fly at such altitudes, but I still benefit by flying on one. I don’t understand how computers work, or the Internet, but I benefit from the time I save. I also don’t understand engines, but I benefit from driving a car.

I don’t always understand God’s commands, but by obeying them I’ve greatly benefited.

It’s like the command to tithe. We have a hard time understanding how we can benefit from giving the tithe when we’re in debt and can’t pay our bills. Yet God promises that He’ll open up windows in heaven and remove the devourer that’s taking it all away.

Here’s a question. “What if God responded to our needs with the same speed that we obey Him?”

It also helps when we obey God with the right attitude. But even if we have a wrong or negative attitude, it’s still better to obey.

We are also to walk by faith, not by our feelings. That’s because our feelings lie, and we have an incredible ability to believe our feelings rather than God’s word. Therefore, we’re to do what is right according to God’s word whether we feel like it or not, and we’re to do it immediately, not later.

If God tells us to do something we’re to do it immediately, and if we continue to pray or go to counseling about it, then it is the same thing as delayed obedience, and delayed obedience is disobedience.

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