God’s Main Purpose
August 17, 2020

Today’s 333 Devotional: “God’s Main Purpose”

God’s main purpose is to repair creation. God’s purpose is to make all things new, to restore humanity and everything back to the way He intended when first He created it.

The problem is that we messed it up because we thought we knew what was best, and isn’t this the key to Satan’s temptation, to be like God?

To “repair creation” is a good thing, that is until we realize just how much we’ve invested in the old broken down and decayed creation, which is the way things are instead of the way God intended them to be.

That’s why Herod and all the religious leaders shook when they heard the news that the Messiah had been born. If Jesus is the real king, then Herod and the religious leaders would lose their prestige and positions of power.

Through Jesus, God was repairing His creation, and the power brokers, the brokers of the status quo, and the religious leaders of that day as well as of our own day, not to mention all of us shake with fear and anticipation.

It was God’s intention through Jesus to repair what we messed up, which means all of us have to let go of what we’ve been holding onto.

God is engaging the world to repair His creation through a vulnerable baby in a manger who grows up to hang on the cross for the sins of the world.

Sin is an attack on God’s perfect creation, and it’s God’s will to address human sin by mending the damage we’ve done through Jesus Christ. Look at all the destruction human beings have wreaked upon each other, and this is nothing less than attacks upon creation and upon the image God made humanity in.

The last time such abuse was perpetrated upon humanity, God sent a flood and stared all over.

And so whatever we wish God would do and whatever we wish God to be, God’s will is to repair creation.

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