New Isn’t Always Better
August 3, 2020

Today’s 333 Devotional: “New Isn’t Always Better”

Have you noticed that everything is “New and Improved?” We never see, “We haven’t changed a thing because it works.” That’s because we want the newest and most recent development.

This is also true regarding our spiritual lives. But we dare not get sucked up into this way of thinking. Some of the best spiritual advice doesn’t come from all the newest and greatest spiritual secrets that today’s authors want us to read, but from God’s word and from our founding fathers. These men didn’t write about new pop psychology or try to find a new twist on biblical truth. They brought forth God’s word from God’s word.

This is what the Lord is saying from our text.

“And Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father” (Genesis 26:18).

The Lord prospered Isaac at these wells, but the Philistines stopped them up and told him to leave.

This is what Satan has done. He has stopped up the wells of God’s truth through a deluge of new books and CD’s talking about the newest and greatest way to do church, or to live out our spiritual lives to coincide with the world around us.

Satan tells us the old ways, the ways that prospered the church and saw the world turned upside down for Christ are old, outdated, and don’t apply.

But we cannot let ourselves be led astray. We must dig out these truths from God’s word and re-visit them before it is too late. When we do we’ll find God’s life giving water.

Let’s re-dig the wells of God’s word and of our fathers for the next generation.

Special note: Not all the new stuff written is bad or wrong. We just need to make sure it’s connecting with God’s word and contains His living water. This is also brought out when Isaac’s people dug new wells and found water, and there was no controversy (Genesis 26:22).

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