Secret Agent Christians
January 21, 2016

Rediscover the Bible for Life

“Secret Agent Christians”

By Dennis Lee

One of the most popular characters created is James Bond, Secret Agent 007. Outside his fancy cars and gadgets, his job is to save the British Empire and the world.

And while Agent 007 may be fictional, the reality is that there are undercover agents for every country. Their mission is to uncover the truth while hiding their true identity.

Such undercover agents are also found throughout our society living a double life.

One such person is found in the Bible. His name is Nicodemus. He met with Jesus one night, and seeing how he along with Joseph of Arimathea came and prepared Jesus’ body for burial, it would seem he believed in Jesus. But no one really knew because he struggled with going public with his faith, and so he became Jesus’ secret disciple, unrecognizable to others and possibly heaven itself.

His story reminds me of story of a woman who died while on the operating table. She appeared before St. Peter at the pearly gates, but Peter couldn’t find her name on the list.

Peter said, “Tell you what, since I can’t find you name on the list, you will get a second lease on life. I’m sending you back.”

The woman was so delighted. She said, “This is wonderful,” and then suddenly she found herself back on the operating table.

She was so excited to get a fresh start on life that she thought why not get a tummy tuck, face lift, liposuction and other augmentations, so that when she gets out she’ll be a brand new woman.

When she was released from the hospital a car hit her. Once again she found herself standing before St. Peter at the pearly gates. Peter looked at her and asked, “What’s your name?”

The woman replied, “Don’t you remember me, I was here just the other week and you sent be back, you gave me a new lease on life. So I took you up on your offer and got a nose job, a new tummy, in fact, almost everything is new. But then as soon as I got out of the hospital I got hit by a car.”

“Ah,” said Peter, “That’s the problem; I didn’t recognize you.”

Does heaven recognize you, or are you hiding behind some mask? Are you a secret agent for Christ?

That’s who Nicodemus was. The Bible highlights the fact that when Nicodemus came to Jesus it was under the cover of night. He wanted to ask Jesus some questions and uncover the truth, but he didn’t want anyone see him.

Nicodemus was a member of the Pharisees, the leading religious organization of the Jewish faith. He was also a respected teacher and a member of the Jewish high council. But to be seen with Jesus would risk his status and reputation, so he came at night. You might say He was the original “Nic at Nite.”

Many describe themselves as Christians, but from the life they lead you would never know it. They’re secret agent disciples.

They may know about God, but they really don’t know God or his Son, Jesus Christ, and are unrecognizable as believers to others and God Himself.

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